Hamas In Their Own Words

| March 15, 2012 | 1 Comment

Hamas members in their own words, discussing Israel, Jews, the United States and their desire for world conquest:

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  1. Anthony says:


    I heard “god willing” a lot during this video, & I heard the term “Allah”;
    Well, those two terms don’t coincide with ANYTHING mentioned in context such as..

    Quote: “We have come here to say, as we burn the American flag, with the grace of ALlah”.

    Bear in mind, these are the same people who strap bombs to their children and send them to Israeli checkpoints and/or other portions of the world as Terror cells. etc..
    These are people who have NO regard for life, & for myself as a person who studies theology and anthropology, I’ve never once came across a text in the Qumran that mentions ill hate towards Jews, & Christians & non-believers alike. How can you adjust scripture which are considered sacred with animosity ?
    who approves of such things, & calls themselves a Muslem?
    a Muslem meaning a “servant of god” after all.

    & I overheard the remark about Constantinople, & how Rome being the old Crusader’s capital will in turn take the same fate in our generation. It’s bad enough that Nation’s are having economic crisis & moral decline; & then to hear the radical statements presented by this video…
    Islam didn’t formerly become introduced until at least half a millennium after the foundation of Christianity, & secondly Muhammad was the first Arab to introduce a ethnically relative monotheism, or basically a Rip off of the previous religions…

    I’m not attempting to seem patronizing, but These radicals need to sit down, and try to civilize themselves before they blow themselves up.. and I think that has to do a lot with the reasons the Palestinians don’t have their own state in Israel, is because they are irrational people, who distort their religious faiths to support terrorist propaganda, which has the sole purpose to DESTROY.

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