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| March 18, 2012 | 0 Comments

One of the primary goals of this web site is to generate discussion on topics connected to Israel and the Middle East.

For example, the videos posted here are intended to generate discussion. Not everyone involved with this site agrees with everything said in all the videos, but they serve to stimulate discussions, either with your friends and family, or on this site. If you think something in one of the videos is factually wrong, please share that in the comments on this site. Even the comedy videos are intended to stimulate discussion (Jon Stewart takes on the serious issue of incitement of children to violence, and Andrew Klavan covers religious freedom).

As we prepare our longer articles for the site, we thought there were other ways to stimulate discussions before they were ready. Today we’re introducing a feature called Just a Thought. These ‘thoughts’ are short posts that cover a simple discussion point.

We’re starting with one called Will BDSers give up their MacBook Pros? and you should take a look. It’s short and to the point. Please share your comments, or share the post with your friends and family and discuss it yourselves.

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