If you’re right, then why spread lies?

| March 19, 2012 | 0 Comments

Just a thought. One of the more interesting stories about Israel this week, somewhat behind the scenes, but starting to break out into the mainstream, is the story of several photos which were shared via Facebook and Twitter purporting to be photos of Gaza during the current goings on there, but were actually old photos from years past. One photo was of a large explosion, which dated back to Cast Lead in 2009, and the other showed a dead girl being brought into the hospital by her father – who rather than being killed by Israelis now, or even in the past, actually died from an accident.

In both cases the photographs were shared with the explanation that they were new photos of violence in Gaza now. The big question of course, is if you’re right about something, why do you lie? If your case is strong, why create falsehoods? It would seem to hurt yourself a lot more than it can possibly help. What had launched this story into the mainstream was the fact, discovered by Honest Reporting, that the woman who originally posted the photo of the dead girl claiming she had just been killed by Israel, is a media coordinator for the UN in Israel.

Avi Mayer, who discovered these two photos were false, shares the extended story of how it transpired via Storify (below). Let us know what you think in the comments.



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