Hamas Minister of the Interior Lambasts Egypt over Fuel, and…

| April 3, 2012 | 0 Comments

In this video, Hamas Minister of the Interior (and Palestinian Legislative Council member) Fathi Hammad lambasts Egypt for cutting off the supply of fuel to Gaza. There are three things in this video to pay attention to:

1. Realize the Egypt cut off the fuel supply because they wanted to set up an official method of importing fuel to Gaza, instead of sending it through smuggling tunnels. Hamas actually was forced to buy fuel from Israel, which has always offered them fuel, but which they didn’t want to buy from Israel (or at the market price).

2. Hammad points out that the reason Egypt should supply the fuel is to continue to allow Hamas to continue Jihad against Israel to annihilate the Jews, and that Israel is just the beginning (the spearhead) to taking over the rest of the Western world.

3. In the second half of the video, Hammad points out the Egyptians should help Gaza because half the Palestinians come from Egypt and half come from Saudi Arabia. He points out how many families in Gaza are called Al-Masri (“Egyptian”). Therefore, Egpytians should help Palestinians because they’re really Egyptians. This brings to mind how often it is pointed out how many Jews came to Israel from other countries, but the media seems to think all Palestinians have been there forever. Clearly, not even the Hamas Minister of the Interior believes that…

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