Mike Wallace interviews Abba Eban in 1958

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Mike Wallace interviews Israeli Ambassador to the US (and the UN) Abba Eban in 1958, on the occassion of the 10th Anniversary of the foundation of the state. Discussion of Arab nations, the Herut party, the Israeli economy, anti-Zionist Jews, American Jewry, dual-loyalty, and more. A truly fascinating look at how much has changed since 1958, and how much is the same.

In a somewhat bizarre look at how much things have changed since 1958, Wallace starts out by plugging Parliament cigarettes (sponsor of the interview show). If you don’t care to see this, skip to part 1 (of 3) below, although it shows up again later.

Introduction (plug for Parliament cigarettes):

Part 1/3:

Part 2/3:

Part 3/3:

Update: There is a transcript of this interview (and another way to view it, although smaller) on the web site of the Harry Ransom Center at U of Texas Austin. Also on that site are all of the other Mike Wallace interviews in this series.

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