Gaza Population Density – Too High or Too Low?

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Just a thought. During the recent Pillar of Defense operation in Gaza, we heard lots of defenders of Hamas explaining that the reason Hamas was firing missiles from civilian areas was not because they were cowards using their own civilians as human shields, but rather that Gaza is so densely populated that there are no open areas that could be used to fire the missiles. With that in mind we came across the following infographic making its way around the various social networks:

Gaza Population Density Per Sq Km

The infographic raises some interesting questions. We’ve lived in several of the cities on the chart, and certainly they all had open parts in them that were far from residential areas. So if Gaza is not as densely populated as any of the cities on the chart, then how is it possible that Hamas had no open areas to fire from?

There is only one explanation for the years of being told that Gaza is the most densely populated place on earth. The only possible answer that would make that statement true would be if Gaza City and the other populated areas are extremely dense, but that there is a lot of open space in the Gaza Strip that lowers the population density number when taken altogether.

Wait! If that’s true then there is plenty of open space outside of the residential areas to fire missiles. So which is it? Is Gaza the most densely populated place on earth (meaning there is a lot of open space outside the cities), or did Hamas have no where to fire their missiles from except from residential areas (which would seem impossible given the population density compared to the above cities)?

For anyone who has ever been to Gaza, or bothered to look at a map, the answer is of course obvious:

View Larger Map

Gaza is filled with open areas. Most of Gaza is in fact open and without residential buildings. Whether or not areas like Gaza City approach being the most densely populated place on earth we don’t know, but what we do know is that Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the other cowardly terrorists that are defended by their own cadre of useful idiots chose to fire from residential areas because they chose to use civilians as human shields. Next time someone defends Hamas to you, be sure to point this out.

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