You Have To See This To Believe It

| February 5, 2013 | 0 Comments

We’re filing this under Humor, but seriously this is sad.

A woman parks her car in a legal spot in Tel Aviv, and comes back to find her car missing, and the spot now a handicap spot. How was that possible? She called the city information number and is told her car was towed for being in a handicap spot, and she owes 1300 shekels (about $350) for the fine and towing costs. She insists she parked in a legal spot, not that the city worker on the phone cares. She goes back to the spot, notices a security camera that overlooks the spot, and gets the footage. What she sees is shocking.

What happened? City workers show up and proceed to paint around her car, converting her legal parking spot into a handicap spot. Shortly after a tow truck shows up and tows her car. Watch the video and you still won’t believe it:

In the end, with the video to back her up, the fines were cancelled. Lucky for her. I wonder how many other people were not so lucky? More information on this story (in Hebrew) on Ynet.

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